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We're Expand EV! We work with companies to evaluate, design and permit electric vehicle charging sites.  Our work contributes to the state's clean energy goals and helps reduce emissions throughout the state.



We are helping California reach it's clean energy goals by designing infrastructure for passenger vehicles, light and heavy-duty fleet vehicles, ports, school bus yards, and public transit.

Electrifying Transportation

We have permitted more than 6,000 charging ports to-date, our team has a proven track record of effectively managing two of the state’s largest utility-run EV infrastructure programs.

Creating Something Big

Expand EV has the horsepower to deliver. We have successfully completed hundreds of EV sites throughout California on-schedule and on-budget.

Helping Where It Matters Most

A majority of charging ports we've helped design are in state-designated disadvantaged communities. 

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we're hiring

We're building a team of people who want to put their skills towards something that matters. If you are passionate about creating clean air solutions and want to be part of something big, then we are looking for you.


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